What to Look for in Franchise Reviews


When you're reading reviews of franchise brands, here's everything you should look out for – including bad franchise experiences, glowing assessments, and how to address them all with a franchisor.

Understanding the Essence of Franchise Reviews

Franchise reviews are more than just star ratings and customer feedback. They are a window into the franchise's operational health, brand reputation, and the satisfaction level of both customers and franchisees. When you're researching, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Franchisee satisfaction: Reviews from current and former franchisees are gold. They offer insights into the support provided by the franchisor, the viability of the business model, and the overall franchisee experience. Look for comments on training, ongoing support, marketing, and profitability.
  • Customer feedback: While your focus is on the business side, don't ignore what customers are saying. Happy customers often translate to a successful business. Look for trends in customer satisfaction, service quality, and product reliability.
  • Financial performance: Some reviews may touch on the financial aspect of running the franchise. Pay attention to any mention of revenue, profitability, and return on investment.

Identifying Red Flags and Green Flags

As you sift through reviews, it's crucial to spot potential red flags and green flags:

Red flags:

  • Consistent complaints about lack of support from the franchisor
  • Frequent mentions of unexpected costs or lower than anticipated revenues
  • High turnover of franchisees or numerous franchise closures
  • Negative customer reviews that point to systemic issues with the product or service

Green flags:

  • Positive feedback about comprehensive training and ongoing support
  • Testimonials about successful business operations and profitability
  • Long-term franchisee relationships with the franchisor
  • High customer satisfaction and loyalty

However, you should take all reviews with a grain of salt. Not all reviews are created equal. To approach them judiciously, be cautious with comments where the author's identity is unknown. These can sometimes be less reliable. Look for balance. Extremely positive or negative reviews might not always present the complete picture.

Keep in mind that the franchise world is evolving. An old review might not accurately represent the current state of the franchise. Don’t let a single negative experience color your entire perception. Look for patterns instead.

Addressing Reviews with the Franchisor

Once you've done your homework, it's time to discuss your findings with the franchisor. Here's how to approach this:

  • Be direct but diplomatic: Present your findings honestly but respectfully. For instance, “I came across several reviews mentioning challenges with marketing support. Could you tell me more about how you support franchisees in this area?”
  • Ask for clarification: Use the reviews as a basis to seek clarification on any concerns you have. This shows that you're thorough and genuinely interested.
  • Seek counterpoints: If you've encountered negative reviews, give the franchisor a chance to present their side of the story. There might be context or developments that you're unaware of.
  • Discuss improvements: If past reviews indicate issues that have been resolved, ask about the improvements made. This shows the franchisor's commitment to growth and support.

Reach Beyond Reviews with Budget Blinds

For every negative review, the right brand should have countless testimonials from successful franchisees touting the benefits and support they have experienced as franchise partners. Reading franchise reviews is a critical step in your journey to becoming a franchisee. By identifying apparent benefits or drawbacks and addressing them directly with the franchisor, you can make a well-informed decision.

A franchise like Budget Blinds, with our longstanding history of success, franchisee satisfaction, and robust support system, can be a benchmark when evaluating other opportunities.

To learn more about how franchising with Budget Blinds can set you up for continual success, inquire now.

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