4 Perks of a No-Inventory Business Model in Franchising


When running your own business, one of your main responsibilities is making sure you’re stocked up on whatever physical goods you need, whether it’s products to sell in a retail store, materials used in production, or necessary supplies for providing customers with a service. This can be a tall order for some. Fortunately, there’s a way to run businesses that offers an alternative to keeping a large on-site inventory.

How It Works

The no-inventory business model is where a business minimizes the amount of on-site products/materials/supplies/etc. required of its franchisees. To achieve this, the franchisor provides its franchisees with ways of getting what they need delivered as quickly as possible. For business concepts that don’t have significant inventory needs – like consultancy firms, education or administrative services, shipping/delivery services, advertising agencies, etc. – this isn’t too difficult. For businesses that rely on physical inventory – retail stores, restaurants, home improvement/maintenance services, custom-made goods – it requires a coordinated, well-organized supply chain that delivers the necessary inventory to the franchise location as needed. While this comes with challenges, such as navigating sudden spikes in demand or unforeseen item shortages, it also has several noteworthy benefits.

Economizing on Space

When you’re working with a no-inventory business model, your business can operate from a smaller location when you don’t require showrooms, large backrooms, or on-site storage buildings. Without needing to factor in the size of your space to accommodate inventory, you will have more real estate options to choose from, such as leasing space in an existing building.  

Considerable Cost Savings

A savvy entrepreneur knows that a lack of on-site inventory can cut down business expenses in a variety of ways. A smaller location footprint means you can save big on your rent/lease. You might even be able to operate remotely and avoid the need for a physical location entirely.

Stay Updated with Technology

A business run with little on-site inventory needs a smooth-operating supply chain, with technology designed to streamline the process, like scheduling software and shipment tracking apps. Using this will ensure that you’re up to date with industry standard technology, as well as the technology being used by suppliers and customers.  

Easy on Your Employees

Having a large inventory means you and your staff need to keep up with its organization and management. For some businesses, this can be a full-time job. By limiting your business’ on-site inventory, or entirely doing without, you remove this burden from yourself and your staff. You won’t need extensive inventory management training, nor will you need to spend significant time organizing and keeping track of your stock.

Keep Your Load Light with Budget Blinds

If you’re looking for a business idea that doesn’t require a lot of shelf stocking and material managing, consider investing in a Budget Blinds franchise. We’re a turn-key custom window covering franchise with a little to no-inventory business model and home-based approach that helps you save on the cost of owning a home furnishings company. As a franchisee, you’ll “bring the store to the customer’s door” with your mobile showroom and  in-home consultation services. Depending on how you choose to divvy up responsibilities between yourself and your staff, your duties may include local marketing/networking, sales consultations, administration and project management and installations. As your franchisor with 30 years in business, we’ll provide you with all the training you need to advise customers on choosing the right window coverings  to meet their specific needs.

If Budget Blinds sounds like the franchise opportunity you’ve been looking for, contact us for more information today!

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